Every parent wants the best for their child when it comes to sports.  However, today’s youth sports culture is having a negative impact on Sports Parents with even the best of intentions for their child.  In this life-changing book by Jeremy Boone you’ll discover:

  • The Difference Between Being the ‘Best FOR the World’ vs the ‘Best IN the World’
  • What happens when your child labels you as EMBARRASSING during their game
  • The top 6 hazards that hurt sports family relationships
  • A simple game plan to give you complete confidence in parenting your best
  • How a LITTLE KNOWN SCIENCE can help you bring out the best in your child

In Parent Your Best, author Jeremy Boone goes beyond the traditional Sports Psychology approach to parenting and gives you a blueprint that shows you HOW to be the reason that your child succeeds in sport.  Your child has a coach to teach them skills and  strategies in their sport, and this book will serve as your own personal coach in your efforts to parent your best.

BONUS #1- The Sports Parenting Mindset Profile
Use this profile worksheet to reveal how your sports parenting style and how your child experiences you.

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Download the worksheets found at the end of each chapter from the book Parent Your Best including a few other surprises!

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