Your child has a sports coach…do you?

Every parent wants the best for their child when it comes to sports.  However, today’s youth sports culture is having a negative impact on Sports Parents with even the best of intentions for their child. Now, in this brand new Parent Your Best™ Online Course, you can build the necessary skills and have the critical conversations necessary to be a championship Sports Parent!

“This course was created from my research of over 4,000 middle school and high school athletes and their parents.  The results provide very specific suggestions for Sports Parents and how they can have even greater impact and influence in the life of their child.”

In this life-changing online course you will discover:

  • The three most critical conversations you MUST have with your child when it comes to sports
  • The top 6 hazards that hurt sports family relationships
  • game plan to give you complete confidence in parenting your best
  • How a LITTLE KNOWN SCIENCE can help you bring out the best in your child
  • The #1 Mindset that can change your family relationship forever
  • My simple framework for Parenting Excellence
  • The best tip for communicating with your child after their game
  • The TRUTH on how parents can coach their child
  • Plus more!

In the Parent Your Best™ Online Course, author, speaker, consultant, and international sports performance coach Jeremy Boone goes beyond the traditional Sports Psychology approach to parenting and gives you a blueprint that shows you HOW to be the reason that your child succeeds in sport.  Your child has a coach to teach them skills and  strategies in their sport, and this course will serve as your own personal coach in your efforts to parent your best.

What is the format of the online course?

The course consists of six individual modules including a short video along with supporting exercises to reinforce the key principle for each module. Some of the exercises will focus solely on the individual parent while other exercises include critical conversations to have with your child.

Is there a time frame to complete the course?

While there is not a formal time frame to complete the course, it is suggested that parents complete the course within a four week time period.  We understand that due to hectic schedules during the week and for many families traveling to games on the weekend, it is difficult to find time to complete the critical conversation exercises.  However, this is a great opportunity to show your child that you value your relationship with them.  Therefore, making this a priority will have a tremendous impact on your child!

What happens when I complete all of the modules?

After you have completed the last module, you will be asked to provide your experience from participating in the course and then you will receive the official certificate of completion.

What happens after I complete the course?

After completing the course, it is not uncommon to hear families say how their relationships with their child have been positively impacted!  This initial course is a ‘front-end’ course to help build the foundation for an enjoyable journey with your child in youth sports. It is not designed to provided specific ‘back-end’ solutions to targeted problems.

However, we will have a follow-up online course available in the Fall 2012 that will be more ‘solutions oriented’ and walk parents through all of the various specific situations that they might encounter and how to best handle them. (this course will be the prerequisite)

Is there a discount for clubs and school organizations?

Yes there is a discount provided for sports clubs, booster clubs, and other school organizations.  There is even an opportunity to customize the Certificate of Completion with your organization’s logo.  For more details on this special offer click here

What is the cost of the course?

We don’t look at this as a cost, but rather as an investment in the life of your child and an opportunity to further strengthen your relationship!

The fee for a private coaching session ranges between $125-$250 per hour.

However…the fee for this online course is only $39.00! (limited time offer)

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